2020 Competition Dates

Solo, Duo and Graceful Competitions 

20-22nd March  - Venue: Meridan State College

16-18th April - Venue: Gold Coast

15-17th May - Venue: Redcliffe Cultural Centre

Team Competitions 

31 July - 2nd August - Venue: Maryborough

14-16th August - Venue: Iona College

4-6th September - Venue: Redcliffe Cultural Centre

Uniforms, Make-up and Hair & Costumes

Compulsory uniform from competitions include:

  • Club shirt

  • Club jacket

  • Black tights/leggings

  • Black slip on (ballet style shoes) competitors will go barefoot to/from the stage and while performing, enclosed shoes are compulsory at all other times.

  • Nude coloured knickers or body suit is to be worn at all times for quick costume changes

Competitors will be required to wear the above on stage for presentations.

Girls are to arrive with hair in a ponytail, hair-sprayed with no whispy bits. Buns will be done for the girls before competition. 

Hair accessories to bring:

  • Tail comb

  • Bun donut

  • Hair nets x2

  • Bobby pins

  • Bun pins

  • Hair ties

  • Hair spray

  • Hair brush

Stage make-up is required when performing, girls are to arrive with foundation and lipstick on. All other make-up including fake eyelashes will be supplied and applied by the club before competition. Girls will keep and be responsible for the supplied eyelashes, they will need to bring them to each competition.

Make-up to bring:

  • Foundation

  • Mabelline Super Stay 24 Colour Lipstick

This will need to be purchased by the parent/guardian prior to competition and are available from many stores or chemist warehouse. Cost is approximately $18. Coaches will advise the colour required prior to the first competition.

The competitors or parents will not be responsible for transporting any costumes or head pieces, these are looked after by our teams wonderful Costume Co-ordinators. There is to be no eating while competitors are in costume, the girls will need to cover the costume with a club jacket, robe or similar before eating or leaving the dressing rooms.

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