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Pupil Skills


Developed by the Australian Society of Calisthenics in 1979 to raise the standard of Calisthenics and to unify terminology and technique, the Calisthenic Skills Program has now been implemented Australia wide. 

The syllabus is taught in clubs throughout Australia setting high standards of training of pupils each year. Every State conducts the Calisthenics Skills program annually. Qualified examiners accredited with the Australian Sports Commission travel to regional and interstate locations examining pupils in the syllabus at every level.

The pupils safety is of paramount concern and the syllabus has been developed to ensure that correctness of movement is a prime objective. The syllabus progresses through a number of stages suitable to the growth and development of the individual. No demands are made of growing bodies greater than their stage of maturity.

The Examinations

Calisthenics is no more competitive than any other sport and our Calisthenic Skills Program simply encourages children to set personal goals to which they can strive. Examinations offer a challenge and great sense of achievement for pupils. At the same time they provide parents with assurance of their child’s progress and development, while Coaches gain recognition of their professional coaching standard. Calisthenics is fun but is also physically demanding and parents should take great care to send their child to professional qualified Coaches whose pupils are successfully involved in the Calisthenic Skills Program. The program ensures national standards are upheld and continue to improve.


TEST 1, 2 & 3

The three tests are designed to introduce younger students to the procedure of the exams, to emphasize the importance of developing correct technique and to encourage confidence.


GRADES 1, 2, 3 & 4

Pupils progress steadily through grades whilst building a comprehensive vocabulary of terminology and a firm understanding of the requirements of basic calisthenics. It also allows the student to develop at their own pace and within their own capabilities. Throughout the Grades, combinations of movements are introduced to reinforce the terminology learnt. Exercises have been choreographed to develop co-ordination, artistry and musicality.


MEDALS - Bronze, Silver & Gold

The medals have been created with the mature pupil in mind and whilst they draw on the technique established in the Grades, they are designed to develop performing skills, quality of movement, musicality and a sense of floor pattern and space. Advanced movements in all facets of calisthenics must be mastered to a high standard. Self choreographed routines introduce the student to the art of choreography and working with the Coach, the pupil can explore creativity in designing routines to enhance their own capabilities.

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