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Social Media Guidelines

Suncoast Calisthenics and all CAQI recognises the importance for our families, participants and coaches to participate in online applications such as social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, wikis, blogs, micro blogs, video and audio sharing sites and message boards that allow people to easily publish, share, discuss and communicate ideas and information. It is important to acknowledge the public and potentially permanent nature of these online interactions, and recognise that the indirect form of anonymity of online communications may sometimes lead to inappropriate acts of harassment, including cyber bullying. The following guidelines have been provided to support all families using social media. 

Think about yourself & your friends

  • Consider what you say before you say it - it may be on the web for a long time and could reach a very large audience.

  • Be polite, respectful and use appropriate language.

  • Take full responsibility for the effect that your actions and words have on others.

  • Do not post information about yourself of another member of the club's community that is private and confidential - this includes passwords, phone numbers and addresses.

  • Do not upload any images or films of yourself - or others - on public websites unless you have written permission (from the family and the club's committee). 

   Suncoast Policy: All Suncoast Calisthenics photos and/or videos must be approved at a committee meeting       before being uploaded on our website or any form of social media.

  • Do not forward on information, pictures, films or web links that contain inappropriate or hurtful material about members of the Suncoast, CAQI community.

Think about Suncoast

  • Use extreme care when posting information online that identifies yourself as a Suncoast person, being mindful to not post any information that reflects adversely on Suncoast Club or any members of the Suncoast Club Community.


  • Sending or posting information that could damage Suncoast image or reputation is prohibited and any breach of this will result in appropriate consequences.


Think about our society


  • Be mindful of the type of fan clubs, groups and networks you sign in to. You should not sign up to gossip/fan clubs that are hateful, racist, obscene, hurtful or contain material that is inappropriate.


  • Be aware of the legal, social and civic implications of your online behaviour. 

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