Fees and Payments

Each year students are required to pay an annual registration fee as well as term fees for term 1, term 2, term 3 & term 4.

Suncoast is competitive with it's pricing being one of the cheapest Clubs in Qld.

Competitive Registration Fee - $150 per year. 

This payment is payable on or prior to the registration day for the coming year. This covers all CAQI registration cost and insurances for teams to enter competitions.

Term Fees:

Tinies (4-7 years) $150 each term

Sub-Juniors (8-10 years) $260 each term

Juniors (11-13 years) $260 each term

Inters/Seniors (14-16 years) $270 each term

Masters (25+ years) $200 each term

The term fees cover the items listed below as well as the costs of running a club.

Individual pupil insurance

- Personal membership with Suncoast Calisthenics Club & CAQI

- Student's team competition entry fees

- Coaches, hall hire, all club management and running costs

- Hire of equipment; rods, clubs and aesthetic skirt for the year

- All costumes, costume bags and headpieces (5-6 per participant)

- End of year trophies

- Personal copy of State Competition DVD for competitive students

- Any extra practices and all associated expenses to prepare for competitions.

Fundraising Levy: 

Suncoast Calisthenics Club prides itself on having some of the lowest and all-inclusive calisthenics fees. As a non-profit organisation we strive to provide girls with great value for money. Our club has a $50 Fundraising Levy for each family that is due for payment with registration. This is put in place to ensure equality of fundraising support from all families. If your family has supported fundraising events over the year in Term 4 - $40 of the Levy will be discounted from the Term 4 Fees.  For a little effort the benefits can be huge!

Yearly Fundraising Events:

BBQ's  - Officeworks/IGA/Bunnings

Trivia Night

Easter Raffle & Hot Cross Bun Drive

Mothers Day Market Day, Wine Drive & Raffle

Fathers Day Raffle


The above fees do no include uniforms which are compulsory to participate in competitions. All uniforms are available as a package or individual items and must be ordered before week 6 in term 1. Please see uniforms for pricing.

Discounts & Funding:

Sibling discounts are available - applied to Term Fees only

Weekly and fortnightly payment plans are available upon request

'Get Started Vouchers' are available for application through QGrants. Eligible families can apply for a voucher up to $150 to help pay the cost of sport or recreation membership and/or participation fees. There is a limit of one voucher per person per calendar year. You must use your personal email address and personal QGrants account to apply for a voucher. If a clubs or friends QGrants account is used the club will not be able to redeem the voucher. *Do not use a mobile phone or tablet device; you will not be able to complete the application process.

Visit: www.qld.gov.au/recreation/sport/funding/getinthegame/

Conditions & Non Payment of Fees:

  • Competitive Registration Fees are due prior to or on registration sign on day

  • Fees to be paid in the first week of each term

  • Participants joining mid-term must still pay the full Registration Fee but Term Fees will be amended accordingly.

  • Participants will not be covered by personal insurance if Registration and Term Fees are not up to date. Coaches will request that they sit down at class & participants will not be permitted to perform at competitions. 

  • Registration and Term Fees are non-refundable if participants choose to leave Calisthenics.

  • Discounts offered only apply if payments are made by the due date as noted on invoice.


Non payment will result in non-participation at class and competitions. The committee reserves the right to de-register any member from Suncoast Calisthenics Inc. where fees are in arrears and a payment plan has not been put in place and approved. Any members who wish to transfer to another club will not receive a clearance from Suncoast Calisthenics Club Inc. or CAQI until all outstanding fees are paid in full.